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Moody Pack (6 Presets + installation guide)

The Moody preset pack is aimed at those who want a darker and more creative feel to their images. If you’re not into loads of colour and love a filmy feel, this is the pack for you. 

To use these you will need the Adobe Lightroom program installed on your computer and some basic knowledge of how to use the software.

Here’s a little info about each preset:

The Cool Summer Filter:
This preset brings a coolness to your images, subtle grain and a film-like look.

The Toasty Filter:
This preset will a Summer setting into Autumn in one click. It pushes out dark, bold shades of warm brown, orange and turns blues into a rich teal.

The Iced Latte Filter:
This preset brings a cool brown finish to your images, and was inspired by an editing trend that is currently popular by many top international fashion and travel bloggers.

The Moody Filter:
This preset will darken your shadows and promote a rich contrast between lights and darks, while also bringing out the details in your image.

The Teal Filter:
Inspired by creatives like Toni Mahfud, Sam Kolder and Johnny Edlind, this filter will give you the popular teal and orange look that is a massive trend amongst male instagrammers and film-makers right now.

The That’s Cute Filter:
This one works well on images that are already dark. It makes them lighter, but somehow still keeps them dark! It has a greyness to it that promotes some pops of colour, and has a grainy finish.

All presets are to be tweaked by you depending on your different lighting conditions and what your image needs. As a result, they work on both JPEG and RAW files, and can be shot with any camera. We recommend that you save your presets to a cloud or Dropbox before installing, as we cannot resend the product to you should you change/lose your phone or computer. Sharing, copying and reselling of all Fashion Breed Digital Products to additional parties beyond the buyer is strictly prohibited and will be met with legal action.