Medina Umbrellas Print

Medina Umbrellas Print

Medina Umbrellas Print

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Medina Umbrellas

If you’ve ever visited the Holy City of Medina, you’ll know how incredible these umbrellas in the haram of Masjidul Nabuwi are. 250 umbrellas stand 15 meters tall and cover 143 000 square feet, providing shade to the thousands of worshippers praying outside the mosque’s building. Seeing it as a metaphor for the endless mercy of Allah, Aqeelah formed a mild obsession with them and shot this image on her trip to the Peaceful City in 2018.

Frames not included. We recommend MRP Home and the Framing Factory for affordable framing solutions.

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Weight - 220 GSM

Texture - Smooth

Paper Tone - White

Finish - Satin