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Summer Pack (8 presets + installation guide)

The Summer Preset Pack is aimed at those who love both moody and bright effects on their images, and while it's called the "Summer" pack, it can undoubtedly be used on your images all year round.

To use these you will need the Adobe Lightroom program installed on your computer and some basic knowledge of how to use the software. 

Here’s a little info about each preset:

The Bae Watch Filter:

Is true-to-colour, but still has a creative boost in its blue hues. It brings out your picture’s best details!

The Cape Town Filter:

Merges subtle creative colour with a realistic feel. Its undertones are blue, so it’s great for lighting up yellowy indoor shots.

The Dramatic Filter:

Brings a strong, desaturated grey/brown hue to the image. It works best on outdoor daylight images.

The Ice Ice Baby Filter:

Is perfect for those working toward a mostly-desaturated look with ultra cool, crisp whites. Great for flatlays, indoor and outdoor shots.

The Ocean Escape Filter:

Is a highly contrasted filter with dominant teal/orange effects plus crisp whites. This works best on images shot with soft lighting and ocean/beachy locations.

The Selfie Filter:

Is designed for your selfies of course! Since many presets work to bring out detail, they can at times over pronounce facial features and imperfections. The Selfie filter is a subtle, true-to-colour solution for this; correcting yellowness, bringing out pink undertones in the lips, naturally whitens teeth and it has an ever so slight smoothing effect. Results will vary depending on lighting situation. Works best in the shade but with faces aimed to the light. Can also be used on any other image!

Summer Lovin’ Filter:

Is a warm filter with a true-to colour feel that works best outdoors. It colour corrects, brings out detail and creates a natural boost.

The Vintage Filter:

Will bring that faded, grainy 80’s vibe to your images, and generally works with both indoor and outdoor images.

All presets are to be tweaked by you depending on your different lighting conditions and what your image needs. As a result, they work on both JPEG and RAW files, and can be shot with any camera. We recommend that you save your presets to a cloud or Dropbox before installing, as we cannot resend the product to you should you change/lose your phone or computer. Sharing, copying and reselling of all Fashion Breed Digital Products to additional parties beyond the buyer is strictly prohibited and will be met with legal action.